July 15, 2019

It has never been easier to see what people use on a daily basis, whether that be the clothes people wear, or what's in their make up bag. This is all down to the wanders of social media and being able to follow almost everything someone does. However Amazon have created a really cool way for people to be able to shop the exact items that people purchase regularly with their Influencer programme. 

I purchase from Amazon all the time and find it so useful especially when I need something on Prime so I am so happy to see you guys are purchasing from my storefront some of my...

December 9, 2018

As I get older I most certainly drink less. My university days of hard partying until the early hours of the morning are most certainly gone and there are less and less social events to go to nowadays. Not to mention I do try and look after my body as much as possible! There is however one problem that occurs every time I do try and let my hair down these days; and that's the massive hangover that I get for about two days after a night out! I might be one of the oldest in the club but I certainly know how to party and the Hang=Over supplement is an absolute...

November 19, 2018

Plant Power is the hot topic on social media at the minute and is far from a trend but a way of living. With a surge in plant based supplements being made available to fitness enthusiasts and shake lovers, I was excited when Fit Delis asked me if I wanted to try their 'The Daily' Vanilla and Chocolate Superfood Shakes. 

Fit Delis aim their products at those who seek change, want better without compromise and who refuse to quit. 'The Daily' is expertly composed of organically sourced, premium, plant based superfood ingredients and is suggested to provide your body with ever...

October 4, 2018

In the past when I have purchased fitness supplements, I have always gone online to a well known supplement store or popped into a bodybuilding store. However the game has totally changed - Superdrug stock the big names in the fitness industry meaning I don't have to wait around for a week to get my supplements delivered; I can just pop into town and get them that day. Even better - I can get points on my Beauty Card! They are making the diet and fitness industry a lot more accessible and enabling customers to purchase their protein along side their lip liners in the same...

September 12, 2018

Vitamin Coffee is an incredible way to combine your daily essential vitamins with your morning coffee fix. Gone are the days that you forget to take all those tablets to ensure the best health - you can now get it from one cup of coffee! 

Most people have a preferred taste to their coffee, they either like it really strong or they prefer a milder taste; but not many people have a preference on vitamins! Vitamin Coffee offers a choice of both roast type AND vitamin preference to ensure that it fits in with your lifestyle. There are 3 different vitamin blends, (Complete, Ene...

August 21, 2018

As a blogger and business owner, I know the importance of promotional materials to market what I do. Not only that, but having to be organised has left me a stationary addict that is travelling about a lot. Printkick kindly gifted me a selection of their products to help me with my busy schedule and I am here to tell you all about them! 

Firstly, when browsing the website, it is clear that these guys stock tons of stuff! From promotional mouse-mats and pens to sweets and travel accessories - they have it all! They boast an impressive range of clients that they have created...

August 12, 2018

Going to the gym and leading an active lifestyle can be amazing, however one downside is the aches and pains that you get during and after your exercise. I am a firm believer of doing everything I can to prevent this and have looked at many ways to reduce DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). 

With foam rolling, heat rubs, hot baths and even an attempt at an ice bath being up there on my list of ways to conquer this, I was very excited to hear about PERNATON®. Their products are made with the original Perna extract of the New Zealand green-lipped Mussel (perna canaliculus)...

August 9, 2018

There is something so special and precious about getting sent flowers. The feeling of appreciation, love and the knowing that someone cares all adds to the atmosphere when opening up a delivery to see some gorgeous colours and sweet smells. This is exactly how I felt when I received my first ever flower delivery from Prestige Flowers

Prestige Flowers, an online flower delivery service based in the UK, delivered me a large cardboard box (that felt really heavy) and I was so excited to open it! I was unsure what would be inside but could smell a sweet fragrance from outsid...

July 6, 2018

For the entire month of June I attempted to improve my fitness through a supplement that I had never tried before. I was so excited to be gifted a month's worth of CocoaVia as part of a trial to see whether it made any difference in my training or my general activity levels. 

So, what is CocoaVia? Simply put, it is a cocoa extract food supplement that has been backed by 20 years of science! Science has shown that the benefits linked to chocolate are usually down to the mixture of phytonutrients within the cocoa, called cocoa flavanols. This unique mixture within the cocoa...

May 25, 2018

Traveling in style can be difficult. The amount of luggage I need travelling anywhere is obscene, I need something for clothes, a separate bag for shoes, then all my hair and beauty stuff, all my make up needs to fit in somewhere and not to mention all the amazing products for me to review that I have to cart around when I travel somewhere! It just becomes impossible to manage! 

Mia Tui was born in 2010 when owner Charlotte had been searching for the perfect bag for years. She designed some amazing bags to help other women with a busy lifestyle to be more organised and to...

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