This extensive E-book is for anyone with any goal, that wants to transform their lifestyle and body. The LiftHeavyLiveHealthy E-Book is an easy to follow, structured guide of over 100 pages that covers topics from education about the body and the food we consume, to the perfect exercise for your body type and is even packed with recipes With handy interactive pages, you will reach your goals in a fast and sustainable way.

Written by Leanne Holder this is a collection of knowledge put together from years of working in the fitness industry as well as time working  with elite professional athletes.

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The LiftHeavyLiveHealthy Training Plan is 100% personalised to your goals, body composition, equipment available to you and where you will be training which will be determined from a questionnaire. The plan will outline the exact exercises, sets, reps and rest times that you need to perform in order to reach your goals. 

You will be mentored by Leanne Holder throughout your journey for advice and support along the way. 


The LiftHeavyLiveHealthy Nutrition plan will ensure that you are eating the correct foods and portions for your specific goal. Based on your diet likes, dislikes and usual shopping favourites determined from a questionnaire, I will create you a personalised nutrition plan and I will help guide you to your goal.

You will know the exact amount of calories, protein, fat and carbohydrate to consume daily and the respective meals for this will be outlined for you. 

Support will be available along the way from Leanne Holder to guide you through the process. 





*Download the relevant questionnaire once purchased and email back to

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