BecauseRacecarBox - A Car Lovers Essential!


A subscription box is a totally new concept to me and not something I have ever been interested in until now! I am aware that there are plenty of beauty/make up boxes that deliver samples each month, but in all honesty I buy make up about once a year so to me it seemed pointless, I barely use the stuff I already have! I have however found something totally worthwhile subscribing to finally! As a car lover I will always be interested in anything automotive related so when I saw a Facebook advert for BecauseRacecarBox it was a no brainer that I was going to want to find out more!

When heading to their website it was clear from the information that the idea is to be sent a random selection of car care products each month from different brands and your box will always be different to the one you last had! I also realised that they were not just car cleaning samples that you receive monthly but also car accessories so you get a great variety of things! Personally I think its a great Idea because it means that you get to try out lots of different branded stuff in small sizes so you know what you like before buying a large amount, but it also is cool to have a variety of things not just wash and wax! I don't think I have ever spent money on large bottles of tyre dressing, alloy cleaner, glass cleaner, wash and wax, bug remover etc all in one go; so at any given time I will never have one of those area's totally clean with the correct product! This way I can!

The company allow you to purchase a one off box whether it is as a gift for someone else or just for yourself if you don't want to commit to a subscription (although there is no contract and you can cancel any time!). I purchased one as felt I would give it a go before subscribing and I'm really pleased with what I received!

I got;

- A Pink Microfiber Mit

- A Blue Microfiber Cloth

- A Laser Tools Funnel

- A Pair of Gloves

- A Little Trees Air Freshener

- 2 x Because Race Car Vinyl's

- A USB Charger in Pink

- Powermaxed Glass Cleaner (100ml)

- Spray nozzle

- Simoniz Shampoo & Wax (125ml)

- Powermaxed Shampoo and Ultra Wax (Makes 5L)

- Simoniz Gloss Dash Shine (150ml)

The selection is great and I have decided to subscribe and so can't wait to see what I get next month! The products I got will last more than a month I feel so I can use them next month with whatever else I get in the box!

Great company and idea for any car lovers and I highly recommend it! If you are a subscriber already, make sure you let me know what cool things you've received!