Prestige Flowers Review - A Hat Box of Roses

There is something so special and precious about getting sent flowers. The feeling of appreciation, love and the knowing that someone cares all adds to the atmosphere when opening up a delivery to see some gorgeous colours and sweet smells. This is exactly how I felt when I received my first ever flower delivery from Prestige Flowers.

Prestige Flowers, an online flower delivery service based in the UK, delivered me a large cardboard box (that felt really heavy) and I was so excited to open it! I was unsure what would be inside but could smell a sweet fragrance from outside the box already! As I opened up the box, I could see gorgeous pink roses straight away - my favourites!

I pulled out of the box an incredible round hat box full of pink roses! They had delivered me the Sweet Sophistication Hat Box. They were absolutely stunning. I had seen hat boxes before when scrolling through my favourite celebs and influencers Instagram's, however never thought I would get one of my own!

I was so surprised to see that the flowers were in the most perfect of condition and that within the box they had included loads of information about how to get the best out of your flowers and how to keep them watered and looking gorgeous! This was perfect as I had no idea what to do!

The flowers lasted ages, and were still smelling sweet and looking perfect a week later. They are spot on for any occasion whether looking for a gift for someone or you just wish to brighten up your home! When navigating through the website, it is so easy, and I would definitely use Prestige Flowers for a gift idea in the future!

If you are looking to order from Prestige Flowers make sure you head to their website

With Love,

Leanne xx

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